I started studying photography in 2005 at College and then at University. I undertook as many photo jobs as I could alongside my studies to gain experience. I found that I mostly enjoyed working with people so started to specialise in weddings and portraits. I graduated from University in 2010 and after saving as much money as possible to buy all my equipment. I then set up my business professionally and I have never looked back since. I have 10 years’ experience in photography and my business has been running for 5 years.
I want to show the true story of your day through my images so I shoot with a documentary/reportage style. This way your photos look more natural and are actually ‘as it happened’; they will show the emotion of the day better. Everyone is always more comfortable too when it is candid, as they are not having to stand still and hold a smile. I do appreciate that some couples would like some traditional posed shots with their family, especially for the grandparents and older generation so I do incorporate these shots into the day. I typically do around 20 minutes of family and friend photos and then I do around an hour of romantic Bride and Groom shots away from everyone else. This means all the guests can go and get a drink inside and relax while we are doing the couple shots. I also find that the Bride and Groom are a lot more at ease when there aren’t hundreds of eyes looking at them while they’re being photographed.
Yes I have a BA Honours Degree as well as a BTEC National Diploma in Photography and Digital Imaging.
My Wedding packages are £649, £899 and £1199; they vary in the amount of coverage, the type of album, the number of pages in the album, and the number of individual prints. Each package can be altered to suit your requirements and extras can be added on. My prices and flexibility offer great value for money.
Don’t worry, I don’t like posing either. I can’t think of many people that do like it! As far as I’m concerned, the best way to ‘pose’ is NOT to pose. I want to capture you and your day as naturally as possible. Natural always looks best and that is my style. The only posing I might ask you to do is during the romantic couple shots when you’re away from the guests. This will be whatever you are comfortable with and will be very subtle and as natural as possible; I will guide you step-by-step and shoot it in a candid style.
I am a strong believer in quality over quantity, although I do not limit the number of photographs I take. I work all day and shoot everything that is a part of your wedding, so the final number of images really depends on how much coverage you have booked me for. Regarding what is provided in the final result, it can vary a lot depending on how long the day is, the size of the wedding, the location or the weather. For a full day’s coverage you will get a minimum of 350 fully edited images, although it is usually more; a rough guide is 400 to 650 images.
Usually you will receive the images fully edited on the disc within 3 to 4 weeks after your wedding. If you would like, I can post up a ‘sneak peek’ of a handful of the best shots on Facebook within a few days of the wedding. Once the images are edited, I will arrange a preview with you to slideshow your photos and then give you the disc. Then it’s a case of choosing which images you would like in the album, plus other options such as the text on the cover or spine, and which colours and design you would like. I will then design the album and order it once it is complete. You can also choose the individual prints included in your package. It’s entirely up to you if you would like to choose the photos for the album and prints during the preview, or whether you would like to take the disc home and take a bit more time to choose the images. Once I have the chosen images for the album, you will usually receive it within a further 3 to 4 weeks; this includes design, production, and order time. So all in all, images on the disc are roughly 3 to 4 weeks after the wedding, the album is roughly 6 to 8 weeks after the wedding.
It depends on which package you have chosen as they vary in the total number of pages. I will put most of the images in your album, although it is best not to overfill it as it can look messy with too much in. I create it in a way that works best with the layout (e.g. some single images across 2 pages, as well as multiple images across 2 pages). When I have finished designing and laying out the images in the album I can share it with you via email. Once you are happy with it I will order it.
Yes you can, the sky is the limit! There are many ways to enhance the way your images are presented; canvasses, acrylic prints, thank you cards, even pillows with each other’s faces on! (hmm maybe not that last one). Just let me know what you want and I’ll give you a quote.
I have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.
I have always preferred to work alone as a wedding photographer as this best suits my style of photography. As I shoot in a reportage/documentary style, I can cover every angle myself. I would not like to rely on another photographer as ultimately I want to produce the best photos for you myself. Having a second photographer can confuse the guests and I think it can look overkill on the day. Both you and your guests should feel relaxed and be mostly unaware that photos are being taken. This is the best way as everything is more natural and everyone can just enjoy the day.
Despite this, every wedding is unique and if you do require a second photographer then I can provide this at an additional cost.
I focus exclusively on still photography. I am, however, happy to refer you to a few select videographers that I know and trust.
The copyright of the images always remains with the photographer and I retain the rights to use them in my own advertisements (e.g. on my website/stationary/wedding fayres etc). I will give you a license to print or re-produce the images as you wish. This means you have unlimited, but not exclusive, print rights the photographs. I will also allow you to post them on social media websites. If you wish to publish the photos (e.g. in a bridal magazine), that is fine as long as you ask my permission first. Please let me know where they are going to be published and make sure that my business name is fully credited next to my image in the publication. The only thing that you cannot do is use the images for commercial re-sale.
Rather than charge guests extra to buy images from the day, I include this in my packages. The Bride and Groom will have all the images from the day at full size and screen size duplicates (i.e. sized for use on social media). This means you will be able to upload any you wish to social media sites or email them to family and friends. You can print them yourself. I would suggest though, if it is a large size print, then it is better if you ask me to do it as my professional photo printer is calibrated to my computer screen. My prints will be true to colour and the best quality.
I do not have a limit to how far I will travel for a wedding. I will travel anywhere in the UK and even abroad if needs be. In terms of travel expenses, if it is within Derbyshire and the East Midlands then I include the expenses in my package prices. Although if it is further away there will be an additional cost for travel and accommodation expenses.
Yes I do and these are a great way to get acquainted and help you to become at ease in front of the camera ready for your big day. I always make sure that these shoots are relaxed and fun.
I use 2 professional Canon full-frame digital SLR cameras and 2 professional Canon L-series lenses. I also use a Canon flash gun and a several high quality memory cards. My cameras are fantastic for weddings as they have been designed to be great in low light situations where flash is not permitted or desired. They also have a silent shutter mode which is ideal for ceremonies. My different lenses mean I can cover all areas of a wedding day, from wide-angled shots to telephoto close-ups. My telephoto lens combined with shooting with a wide aperture gives that lovely soft background effect that everyone loves, also known as ‘bokeh’! (Not to get too techy!) I also sometimes use my Bowens studio lights on location at Weddings so I can create wonderfully different images as the light fades; mixing natural and artificial light. This is something quite unique that not every Bride and Groom gets with their wedding photography.
Yes I do re-touch in post-production; this is to make sure every image is as perfect as it can be. Regarding re-touching of your faces, I like to keep things as natural as possible. I will therefore retouch minor blemishes on close-up shots and anything specific that you instruct me to on viewing the photos. Any professional photographer should be able to do a good job in the first place, so my photos are generally pretty much as I took them from the camera. I am able to tweak the colour, contrast, and lighting balance if needs be. This is all included in my packages.
You can fill out a contact form on my website, give me a call on 07759436932 or message me on my Facebook photography page. I will then arrange to come and visit you for a no-obligation meeting free of charge to discuss your special day further. I will show you more of my work in print and examples of my wedding albums. If you are happy with everything and wish to go ahead with the booking, either at the meeting or after some thinking time, then the next stage is to sign a contract and pay a non-refundable booking fee of £250 (deductible from the total package price) to reserve your date with me. The remaining balance is payable 1 month before the date of your wedding. Once you are booked I will turn away any other enquires for your date.
Yes I always meet with my couples roughly 1 month before the Wedding. This is to go over the details again and finalise the sequence of the day, which I then type up and keep handy in my pocket on the big day. I usually go and view the venue/s with the couple and plan where we will do the outside shots, as well as look inside and meet the Registrar or Wedding Coordinator if present. Doing this will ensure your big day runs as smoothly as possible.

With a flexible range of packages to suit your requirements, fully qualified photographer Steve Williamson caters for all your
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